The Fifth Annual International Vancouver Badass Film Festival will take place  March 29 to the 31, 2019 and is currently accepting submissions on film freeway.

The Fourth Annual Vancouver Badass Film Festival (Badass 2018) featured the best in new extreme cinema from around the world, interactive
events with filmmakers and unforgettable live performances. 

Badass films are described as viscerally exciting films, original in content or style (preferably both). The first three Badass film festivals shocked, delighted, challenged and thrilled raucous sellout audiences with a mix of horror, avant-garde, noir and wild action. 

Badass breaks down walls between filmmakers, fans, and funders, sparking interactive collaboration and celebration. Past Badass hosts and speakers have included Jen and Sylvia Soska, Tristan Risk, Samantha Mack and Gigi Saul Guerrero. 

The Badass 2016 juried award winners (from 52 nominees in 12 categories) came from films from France, Serbia, The US, Mexico, and Canada, with other screenings from Asia, Europe, and South America. Three feature films premiering at Badass 2016: The Evil in Us (Canada); House of VHS (France) and Atroz (Mexico) found distribution, with The Evil in Us and Atroz announcing distribution deals within days of their screenings at Badass 2016. 

Badass 2017 featured premieres of Adam Rifkin/Penn Jillette's meta-masterpiece Director's Cut, and the 35mm indie exploitation epic Frankenstein Created Bikers.
Badass 2017 featured incredible live performances from members of Caravan of Creeps, Harley Davidson motorcycles, fire performers, and the world's largest bearded dragon (who co-accepted the 2017 Badass Actress award with Tristan Risk).

Badass 2018 featured the best in new extreme short and feature films, with an expanded program of interactive speaker and social events, including premieres of Badsvilles, Ayla, The Three Don'ts, She Who Must Burn and three blocks of shorts. Awards in 12 categories plus a lifetime achievement to Larry Kent were presented by adult film star Samantha Mack in a bottomless nun costume, and exciting live shows from Caravan of Creeps including a giant monitor lizard, whips, money stapled on body parts, and film star and Badass award winning actress Tristan Risk dancing on broken glass.

New for Badass V, cheaper to submit micro-shorts  (10$) and script submissions with a chance for development with Darkside Releasing / Generativity Productions.Badass V 2019 will take place March 29-31, 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.